Friday, July 25, 2008

eSupport Chat with Melinda

Today I have received a bill from Comcast that is billing me for service from 7/23/2008 to 8/22/2008.  This time, I try the online chat with Comcast.  I get connected to Melinda.  Melinda does some research and says "I confirmed all equipment is off the account XXXXXXXXXXX" and "This $142.29 credit should arrive in about two weeks or less".

The complete transcript follows, I only deleted my account number and email addresses (mine and Melinda's):

eSupport Chat Transcript

[01:10] Michal > I canceled my service on 5/29 but you keep billing me in spite of me calling and visiting the local Comcast office
[01:10] advanced_tool_log > user Michal_ has entered room
[01:10] advanced_tool_log > analyst Melinda has entered room
[01:10] Melinda > Hello Michal_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Melinda. Please give me one moment to review your information.
[01:11] Michal_ > Hi Melinda
[01:11] Melinda > I will be happy to assist you, Michal, with this bill as I'm sure it was sent in error.
[01:12] Michal_ > I have a copy of the receipt I got from the Comcast office that proves that I returned all the equipment on 5/29
[01:12] Michal_ > Is there a way I can give this to you?
[01:12] Michal_ > Email perhaps?
[01:12] Michal_ > Whenever I call, I hear that you have no proof of me returning it
[01:12] Melinda > That shouldn't be necessary, but later if I need it, I'll have you fax a copy of that to us or email me at
[01:12] Melinda > For your protection, before I can discuss any account specific information, can you please verify any one of the following: the last four digits of the primary account holder's Social security number or the account
 number (a 16 digit number that starts with 8) or the exact amount of the most recent payment posted to the account?
[01:13] Michal_ > acct number: XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX
[01:14] Michal_ > $196.72 was the past payment
[01:14] Melinda > Thank you Michal.
[01:14] Melinda > Please hold on while I check.
[01:14] Melinda > Just one moment.
[01:14] Michal_ > thanks
[01:15] Melinda > I confirmed all equipment is off the account XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
[01:15] Melinda > Instead you're getting a credit back of $142.29.
[01:15] Michal_ > yey!
[01:16] Melinda > This $142.29 credit should arrive in about two weeks or less.
[01:16] Michal_ > great!
[01:16] Michal_ > can you give me some kind of confirmation number or something?
[01:16] Michal_ > i was already told once that everything was resolved...
[01:18] Melinda > Sure as it's this chat ID number of 28370746 plus I will email you a copy of this chat transcript and left notes indicating what we discussed today in chat at
 Melinda > To ensure that you have this information when the chat ends and so you may review at your leisure, you will be able to print or send yourself a copy of this chat transcript.  Feel free to copy now or please click the "End Session" button on the top of the page to save this chat. Therefore, is there anything else I can assist with or answer ?
[01:18] Melinda > I have emailed you now at
[01:18] Melinda > We strive to exceed your expectations and hope that you will take a moment to complete the 3 question survey that will follow our interaction, your feedback will help us to continue improving how we serve you.
[01:18] Melinda > Is there anything else I can help with tonight?