Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another story about Comcast

I just read a post titled "Comcast Lies".  Lying by Comcast was one of the reasons for my canceling their service, so I feel a lot of sympathy for Mikal.  There were other reasons:
  • their DVR had problems with playback,
  • there was no program guide information for one of the channels we watch and so we couldn't use the DVR to record any shows on that Channel,
  • the Internet connection didn't work with our setup and the tech support person I called was incompetent and rude,
  • the way they installed it, I couldn't use the Comcast phone service in the same room as the computer.
But the biggest reason was that when I ordered the service, the Comcast rep I talked to promised (and I asked multiple times to make sure) that the phone service they would provide would be standard phone service and not VOIP and yet it turned out to be VOIP.   I tend to blame incompetence over bad will but it's hard to believe that the Comcast rep who sells me service wouldn't know the difference (especially that he obviously knew the term "VOIP"), so in this case, lying is a much more likely explanation.  Or perhaps it is just misinformation since Comcast Digital Voice is different from VOIP in a subtle way.  But in any case, the assurance that I would get a regular phone line wasn't true and what's more the Comcast technicians who came to install the phone service, also referred to the technology as "VOIP".

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