Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Consumerist

My story is now on Consumerist .  I like how they use humor to make it more readable than my matter-of-fact blog.  :)

My story has generated more than 10 comments there.  More exposure can only help my case, so I'm really happy to be mentioned there.  Colleagues have suggested a few other sites that may be good to contact.  I may try them as I find more free time.

I've looked around The Consumerist web site.  It's pretty addictive (and depressing) to see how many people run into problems with big companies.  The are a lot of stories about Comcast there!


Dan said...

Wow, your situation sucks and it adds to the continued reasons I have for no longer doing business with Comcast. I really hope you get this fixed soon.

Not to add to the problems, but if they are continuing the balance to across bills, they may also be reporting your account as delinquent which can affect your credit score. Hopefully once they have sorted out your account, they can also sort out your credit history.

Michał Cierniak said...

Yes, the worry about credit history is actually what made me go through many hours of work to create this blog. Hopefully the publicity will help.

alina said...
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David said...
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