Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comcast's response on The Consumerist

I wanted to thank everyone for help.  I will keep everyone posted about the developments.  Hopefully, this time I will really receive the refund and Comcast's records will really be updated to show that I'm no longer their customer.  And I also hope that they find out what went wrong, so that other customers do not end up in the same situation.

In addition to emails and phone calls to me directly, Comcast (more specifically Frank Eliason) responded on The Consumerist article:

We have corrected this for Michal. We will make sure to credit everything back and expedite the refund. This should not have happened and on behalf of Comcast I apologize to Michal. We are still in the process of investigating what occurred, but it would appear that we did not schedule the disconnect to happen at the Customers location. This should have been picked up during any of the conversations this Customer had with us.
Thank you again for the feedback!
Frank Eliason
@ComcastCares on Twitter

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Heather :) said...

Good, I'm glad something has become of this awful mess. I feel for you.

And yes, Consumerist is ADDICTING. I can't go any 1 day without checking the site a million times for new stories.

May the force be with you, fellow Consumer. We've all been there.